Monday, December 1, 2014

Officially December!

It is officially December and it's probably one of my favorite times of year, and feels even more Christmas-y because I'm in Denver and its all crisp and snowy and magical here.
Having a HUGE Christmas tree right in my backyard also doesn't hurt.
My place is loft style and lighting the fireplace makes everything so warm and cozy which feels just like Christmas!

The last week of November was interesting and a lot happened.  I was sick again because my immune system has been failing ever since I moved here but Im getting through it.  

I had a fabulous date on Monday night, relaxing Tuesday with girl time and wine, Wednesday we all went out to a cool place called Punch Bowl Social

The place was huge and aside from a regular bar area there was also multiple areas for bowling, ping pong, pool, and pretty much any other game you can think of along with an arcade section.  When I say that it sounds kind of lame but this place gets an A+ on execution because it wasn't cheesy at all.  

The night didn't go exactly as expected so I actually went back for a re-do Saturday night when I got back from Atlanta.  It seemed fitting because My flight was at 5:25am on Thursday so I hopped on the plane after a night out and then hopped off the plane and went back to the same place!

If all my friends weren't so drunk I would like to believe I could have gotten fabulous picture in front of this wall but alas all I have is one selfie from before we even got to the bar.

  I had a layover in Dallas where I picked up 50 Shades of Grey and have since finished it and written a review of not only the book but other peoples opinions on the book, so head over to my book section at the top and check it out. 

Finally I arrived in Atlanta and just in time for Thanksgiving dinner and a dessert table that is making my mouth water even now.

I failed to get a picture of the food but it was all amazing and delicious.  Turkey, honey glazed ham, stuffing, crab mac and cheese, regular mac and cheese, green beans, sweat potatoes, rice, corn, dinner rolls, cornbread, gravy, cranberry sauce, and then of course the dessert…

I ate all of this for three days and it was amazing.  It was really a treat since I don't really cook.  By that I mean I am capable but just don't.  My diet consists of chinese takeout, sandwiches and pre made stuff from whole foods, restaurant meals, and chips.

The rest of the time was spent lazing around in front of the tv with a good fire going.  We talked, played games, watched movies, ate, and slept so all in all it was a pretty great Thanksgiving.  I headed back to Denver and went out Saturday night.  Sunday was spent coughing and finishing 50 shades of grey.  I napped and then ordered chinese food and fell asleep watching the Joan Rivers documentary on Netflix.

Today is a new day, and although I still feel like shit crap I am determined to complete the 4 things on my to do list.

- Go to Barnes and Nobles (picking up 50 Shades Darker and something else that catches my eye)
- Mail rent check and deposit for my kitty which ill be picking up after Christmas!
- Organise room and clean
- Complete book review and blog posts (which I'm doing now so go me!)

I think I can do it, but first there is some chinese leftovers in the fridge with my name on it.  I think I'll finish that documentary while I'm at it.  Joan is fabulous and I'm jealous of her apartment but I'm on my way so I'm not worried.

Most of my day will be spent inside, where I will be able to appreciate the beauty of December while staying warm.

Until next time.


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