Friday, January 9, 2015

it feels good

Ahhh its been so long
So much has happened and I almost don't know where to start

I fell off the map when I left Denver to go to Miami for Christmas.  I arrived on Christmas eve and was at the bar before I knew it as usual. My sisters boyfriend is the bar manager at Lost Weekend on South Beach and its always a good time so definitly check it out if your in Miami

I love coincidences and I got to experience a pretty good one when I saw an old friend from college and my first bartending job.  I used to work at this night club called The Vault and DJ Spiff was the best, now he works at lost weekend and I was able to see him on Christmas Eve after about 3 years.

Christmas day consisted of lots of lounging, laughs, and eating.

The rest of my trip consisted of going out with all my friends in Wynwood & South Beach.

The last day I went to my sisters boyfriends work christmas party which was a great time… until he they drove me to the airport still drunk

I finally made it back to Denver, went from 85 to -8

I got to hang out with a couple friends and after my two spontaneous trips to Austin and Hawaii fell through I got food poisoning on New Years Eve

Needless to say my new years wasn't all that great but I tried to see the positive in vomiting 17 times.

The universe sent me a cleanse for 2015… right..

I had an amazing weekend which made up for it and then an awesome photo shoot with a sexy friend.
I go to LA in a couple days and I'm so excited to take a break from this cold for a little while


Although sooo much has happened this is my best version of a brief update.  

I'll be updating more often now that the holidays are over

until next time


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