Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet Mew My New Sphynx Kitten

Meet Mew my new Sphynx kitten!

Ok so everyone asking for more pictures and information about this little guy and let me first start of by saying he is awesome. 

I've wanted this cat for a while, I always thought they were so cool and unique.
To me this cat is so beautiful.

Im sure plenty of people think he's ugly or weird but beauty is in the eye of the beholder…right

Anyways I had looked them up a couple times but have moved so many times in the last 2 years it was never really a good idea to have a pet.  When I first got to Denver I started researching them more because I promised myself I would stay here for at least a year.

I went through so many breeders until I found one that seemed to really care about the kittens and was very knowledgable. She also had 2 black kittens, one male and one female.  I wanted a boy and it couldn't have been more perfect.  The all black ones are harder to find and a little more expensive but if I'm going to commit to a pet companion I want what I want.

I sent her a check for $150 as a deposit to hold him for me.  I needed to wait 2 months because he wasnt old enough yet.  I would be able to pick him up after Christmas which was perfect because I traveled a lot.

My friend Tiffany and I planned a trip to LA and did a ton of stuff but at the end we drove two hours to Temecula to pick up my kitty.

yes… I went to California to pick up a kitten

Now, up until this point I was so nervous and kept questioning wether to get the cat or not.  I've never had a pet before that I had a real connection with or loved.  I know plenty of people that have pets and they just love them so much and thats what I wanted and I was scared that the kitten might not love me or I would be a bad pet owner…

Thanks to some key people reassuring me I went through with it and am so happy I did.

We went to the lades house who breeds them, not in large quantities or anything but she has a couple of her own as well.  Her and her husband were so nice.  We waited downstairs for her to get him and when she brought him down he was so beyond perfect I was in love but still scared that he might want to get away once I started to hold him.

Alas, he was calm and loving!

He squirmed a little because we were all fawning over him but he was so good I couldn't believe it!

My friend instantly fell in love and the lady brought another one down for her to hold.  She now wants one and I want another one so Mew has a friend.

I forked over my giant wad of cash and it was totally worth it.

We brought a pet carrier but didn't use it once.  I held him the whole car ride and he purred and just relaxed in my lap for the most part.  We went straight to the airport where I held him the whole time and then put him in my purse for a little bit where he hung out like a total boss.  So many people commented on how cute he was and the flight attendants could get enough.  

Ugh he is just so perfect and cuddly.

He definitely has the personality of a lap dog and the looks of an egyptian god cat, he's pretty fucking awesome.

Since then he's been great, he's so snuggly, loves to play, and travels a lot!  
He comes to the boys house and my friend Tiffany's house and gets along with her four dogs and four cats.

I did a lot of research before deciding to purchase this cat so if your thinking about it make sure you read up on them and know what your getting into.  They are also pretty expensive so that is another thing to consider.  There are so many people pretending to have cats and ship them after you send them the money and its pretty terrible and scary.

I do not condone shipping a kitten because that is cruel and way to traumatic for a little baby.
I flew and personally escorted him home… if you aren't willing to do all that I wouldn't advise you to get one.

I paid $1,500 for Mew and that is about the price you can expect to pay for one depending on the color and breeder.  Anything under $800 I would be wary about unless its an adult already.

They are pretty fucking awesome and so loving …... oh and did I forget to mention he feels like warm velvet

yup, pretty awesome

Until next time… heres a ridiculous amount of pictures of Mew, all taken on an iPhone.  Don't worry we have some real deal photoshoots coming up

Mew appreciates a good smoke sesh

Sleepy Kitty

Morning Snuggles … sorry for the no makeup

Mom I don't want to wear two jackets ...

Snuggles while I watch celebrity apprentice and each lunch

Those nails are on point

Car rides with the Mews!

Posted up

Mom! that flash is way to bright!



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