Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mew Two

My trip to LA was beyond fabulous
I didn't want to leave

Bottles of wine, champagne, beautiful beach house to stay in, badass car to drive, delicious overpriced juice, music, yummy food, hot girlfriend, outfit changes, lingerie, auditions, business meetings, lounging by the pool, more wine, and a new kitty….

That about sums it up

I honestly had the best time with my friend Tiffany and am so happy that I finally got to pick up Mew!  After 2 months of waiting and going back and fourth about it I know I made the right decision

I've had a lot of fun since being back and am really excited about something pretty big thats happening on Friday… but before that I'll be at an art show to check out some photos featuring … you guessed it


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Until Next Time


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