Tuesday, February 10, 2015

All I see is Red

Friend from Florida came in town

had a nice afternoon lunch catching up

held a baby

talked about life while they touched my hairless kitty


online shopping


lunch at a stripclub for fun with a crazy girlfriend

talk about boys

get dressed up to go to dinner

eat at capital grill

go to a bar suggested by the valet

meet boys

coffee date

watch magic mike 2 trailer over and over again

grocery shop

watch documentary while petting kitty

group text about the bachelor

drink tea

be fabulous

So really I am just feeling uninspired in the blog writing department and just started with small snippets but now that I'm done many i'll just call it a poem…

Outfit Details

High Waisted Trousers in Black HERE
Sleeveless Trixie Top in Red HERE
Metal Bow Belt in Gold & Black HERE
Versace Sunglasses HERE


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