Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby it's cold outside

Staying inside at the boys house yesterday was not only warm but also productive. 
I've had an idea for a photo that I've been wanting to do since something similar I did a while ago but haven't gotten around to it.  The main reason being that I couldn't find a place to shoot it.

If you don't know I take all my pictures myself and without help it becomes a little limiting.  
I want to get brave enough to do some outdoor stuff but the thought of people watching me and running back and fourth from my camera doesn't sound very fun.  I think once it gets warmer here in Denver I'll do a bunch of outdoor pictures in the mountains where I'll be alone.

Anyway, yesterday I was able to shoot this project in the boys kitchen which was big enough and also a pretty nice background. It took a couple hours but overall I am very happy with how its coming together.  I'm not quite done editing but I should be done by the end of the day.

I did take a couple pictures after I was done for fun so please enjoy ;)

This type of photography is so appealing to me and I really want to continue with it and hopefully be able to get more detailed but that might take some time.

I have been going back and fourth about getting an editing program so I can really do some cool stuff.  At the moment all I use is iPhoto and PicMonkey which aren't all that professional or detail oriented.  I bought photoshop a while back and hated it.  I think it was the basic version and didnt do anything different from iPhoto and made my computer run super slow.

I have also been contemplating on getting a Mac desktop.  That would make it a million times easier to edit photos and videos and also allow me to keep all the big programs off of my laptop.

We'll see

There are so many things I want I'll just add those to the list

Full body laser hair removal
Hayworth Lingerie chest
Grey faux fur duvet cover
Patterned grey sheets and pillow cases
New Car
Mac Desktop
New ring light (mine broke… fell off the chair I use to balance it ;(
Dress from Wheels & Dollbaby
Everything in my Pinup Girl Clothing shopping cart
Prince charming
Apartment in Paris
Giant Diamond ring

But of course most importantly being a good person and always being happy.
I've been wanting to volunteer somewhere for a while an after doing some research it isn't as easy as one would think.

Anything to do with kids is half impossible or requires tons of paperwork, background checks, and even then you aren't directly working with them.

Women's shelter for some reason also isn't the easiest.

I did find one that I really like the idea of, helping serve food to underprivileged youth.  The only problem is the times, I am about to have a new schedule once I start real estate classes so it might fit in then but we'll see!

Until Next Time

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