Thursday, February 5, 2015

Girls Night Out

Yesterday was awesome.

I didnt have any expectations and the only thing on my schedule was to clean, take down the christmas tree, and shop for a couple home things.

My friend was having some boy issues so I got dressed and headed over.  Not before stopping at a french bakery to pick up some macaroons that we could munch on and to make her feel better.

I mean, who needs boys when you have sugar?

We hung out for a bit and then I mentioned my trip to target and of course like any sane girl she started throwing on clothes to come with.  I got a bunch of cute things, some that I needed and some not so much.

We decided to turn our girls day into a girls night.

After all our shopping we separated to get ready and hit the town.

We went downtown and had an amazing dinner at Capital Grill which I love, and then headed to a jazz club called Dazzle.  We pulled up and I got out to see what the vibe was.

Stale is pretty much the only word to describe it.  Since we were looking for something with a little more life we decided to head to a bar called Front Porch which was suggested to use by our cute valet guys at capital grille.

Theres was tons of people and it was a lot more lively.
There was a special where you flip a quarter with the bartender and if you call it right all your drinks are free.  It was actually really fun and I won twice so we got two free rounds which was awesome.  Of course we tipped them a lot so really it was like we paid but still.

Some boys started talking to us and we drank our drinks and laughed and then went home around 1:30.  I had a great night and we both looked so good, the only thing I can complain about is not taking any pictures.

This morning I woke up in her owl pajamas with a pretty killer hangover but it was worth the fun.

Lets just say that all I've done today is eat, lay on the couch watching t.v. and pet my kitty.
The christmas tree is officially down tho so at least one accomplishment for the day

Until next time


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