Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines fun in flannels

My Valentines weekend was amazing, and not in the traditional sense.  I originally wanted a romatic weekend in the mountains snowboarding and hiking.  Due to circumstances that wasn't an option but I was pretty clear that I did not want to go out to dinner or do any other valentines activities.  I am always getting dressed up and going out to eat so going out on one of the busiest restaurant days of the year just didnt seem appealing.  

We settled on just relaxing, grilling on the rooftop, jacuzzi time, and lots of laughs.  

A surprise cupcake at 3am on Saturday had the weekend off to a good start.  

Saturday morning I slept in while the boy did some work and went mountain biking.  I leisurley got ready, and watched titanic while waiting for his return.  Once he got home we were off to whole foods to get everything we wanted for our feast later. 

On the way we saw a dog running through the street, his owner not far behind with a leash in his hands.  My heart went out to him because every dog I've ever had was crazy and I have definitely been in that situation before.  The dog was clearly not coming back.  

I was all dramatic about it, nervous the dog was going to get hit by a car we followed it and eventually the boy jumped out and got it by the collar.  Good deed #1 for the day was completed. 

We finally made it to the store and picked up:

Brussel sprouts

All the ingredients for an awesome dinner, snacks, beverages, and some healthy juice in the morning!

After the store there was some business the boy had to attend too.  It was a pretty hectic hour going to pick up some equipment while also trying to get his mom some flours at 4pm on Valentines Day.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

We did it!  A bunch of phone calls, the sweetest florist ever, and the most accommodating uber driver we were able to get a dozen roses to her at just the right time.  Good deed #2 of the day

We got back just in time to fill up some cups with waaaayyy too much wine, and watch the sunset on the roof with chips and guacamole next to the fire pit.

We went back to grab all of our grill stuff and apparently another couple had the same idea.  I brought a candle down to put on the table and make it all romantic but they were eating way before our food was done cooking so the boy walked over to their table and lit it for them to set the mood.  It definitly beat the guys little miners flashlight he was wearing on his head to light up the table.  Good deed #3 for the day

Dinner was awesome, marshmallows were great, and the hot tub was even better.

We were back on the couch at 10pm eating ice cream, laughing, and watching funny movies

It was a pretty great Valentines day, one for the books… just never thought i'd spend it with someone who wears so many flannels

Until Next Time


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