Monday, March 16, 2015


The weekdays for me have been intense lately but I am almost done with my classes so I'm trying to hang in there.  This weekend consisted of a lot of sleeping and a lot of fun.

Saturday was so nice out but I was completely exhausted from getting about 3-4 hours of sleep every night that I slept until 1pm, woke up, ate breakfast, and got back in bed.  I didn't wake up until about 7:30pm soooo I pretty much slept all day.

I went grocery shopping, ate dinner, and studied until I fell asleep around midnight.  

Sunday was much more productive, I woke up at a reasonable time, had some breakfast with kitty, cleaned, and started getting ready for the day.  I knew I was watching Cinderella later with a friend so I went for a light, dreamy look for the day.  

I went to the bank, went shopping, and then picked up some wine for the night.
I headed to Tiffany's house and had some delicious corned beef and cabbage that her mom made in the spirit of St. Patricks day and then headed to the movies!

I had some wine in my purse so I was having a great time and thought the movie was awesome!

ahhh Disney Princesses

We got some snacks and then hung out on the couch laughing and watching the little mermaid which was even more awesome.

My favorite Disney movie was always The Lion King and still is.  I would watch that movie back to back to back t back and it never got old.

We were talking about which Disney princess we would be and although The Little Mermaid was never my favorite I think she's the closest to me.

She's obsessed with the idea of being in love, she doesn't like to follow rules or listen to people, and she's just trying to figure everything out on her own.  She's obsessed with collecting stuff, singing about her stuff, and being around all her stuff.  She doesn't mind being naked and isn't shy.  She's a risk taker and everything works out for her in the end even though she made a couple bad decisions…

sooo yea if I had to pick a princess that most reminds me of myself it would be her!

Anyway the weather has been beautiful and I am so excited to finish these classes and get to Miami next week!

Blue Head Scarf by Tatyana HERE
Peasant Top by Pinup Couture HERE
Lilly Hair by Bellami HERE

until next time

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