Saturday, March 7, 2015

So Many Things

Well this last week has been a whirlwind.

Between starting real estate classes, work, and being fabulous I'm exhausted.
I saw this quote and it really spoke to me, especially with what's been going on with me lately 

"If it isn't making me money, making me better, or making me happy I'm not making time for it"

On Saturday I had to kick some dead weight to the curb and unfortunately it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped.  All I can say is that people will try and bring you down any chance they get, especially if they aren't happy with themselves.  Can't take anything these fools say to heart.

Just remember to never give anyone more time than they're worth.
People can be like fungus, they start growing all over you and by the time you notice its' not a pretty rosebush but some nasty old fungus its a lot harder to get rid of.

I'm too fabulous for fungus 

so kick em to the curb and buy some new perfume

Saturday night was so much fun, hanging out with my friend Tiffany, eating macaroons, smoking, and watching movies while laughing more than I thought was possible.

Good people are awesome

Sunday I ran a bunch of errands and tried to get mentally prepared for the week ahead.
I went to sleep super early and woke up even earlier to take Mew to the vet and make it to my first day of class.  Dropping him off was so sad and I missed him more than I have since I got him. 

The first day of class was loooooooong but interesting.  The whole week is a blur of class, work, giving mew medicine, and sleeping.  I was beyond excited when Friday rolled around, just the thought of sleeping in, or for more than 4 hours was a dream come true.

I got out of class a little bit early and ran some errands, did some shopping, and picked up my new lingerie chest that I ordered a while ago.  Getting it in the car was a mission since it was a big ass box and my car is round…

After some finagling we managed to get it in and I was on my way home…
now getting it out and in the house was a whole other story.  It took me at least 20 minutes to drag it into the garage and then at least another hour to get it upstairs.  It was so heavy and the drawers weren't the kind that come out.  Its made of glass so I also had to be really careful but I was determined.

who needs boys?

I bear hugged that bad boy up each stair one at a time in my bra, leggings and combat boots.

Now it's in my room all put together looking as glorious as ever.

mind over matter?

One week later I woke up in my amazing bed with my new fur bedding and my sweet little kitty as happy as ever.

Goodbye fungus.

I spent all day at a car dealership searching for the perfect birthday present for myself.
Now I'm in my cozy jam jams with my scented candles burning a glass of wine by my side with my books ready to study the night away.

This week has been hard but amazing and I feel so relieved to be rid of that negativity, now I have room for even more positivity!

Patriot Pullover by Tatyana HERE
Chance by Chanel HERE
Hayworth Lingerie Chest from Pier 1 HERE

until next time


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