Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the ART of the TEESE

I've wanted this book since I first saw it and finally ordered it over a month ago.

I've had so much going on I completely forgot about it but today it finally arrived!  

It was a nice little surprise, I mean who doesn't like getting presents from themselves in the mail.
I am in love with it!
It definitely cheered me up because I've been pretty stressed lately and it was nice to escape into these beautiful pictures for a little while.  I actually decided not to do any real estate today, of course I went to class but I just can't handle anymore information or studying at the moment.  I decided to give my mind a break and just relax tonight.

I have another book I am going to start in a couple minutes that I've had for a while but haven't gotten around too it.  My sister recommended it so we shall see.

The book is called The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

I'll do a review on it when I'm all done, hopefully by next week.  I leave to Miami on tuesday so I'll probably finish most of it on the flight there and back.

I'm already over real estate and I haven't even finished the class yet
I know I'm just burnt out and of course I'm going to finish and pass the national exam but my enthusiasm is slowly waning … as it usually does with any new thing I start to do.

Working on that

At least I have my handsome kitty to love me 

ugh this book is just so pretty


until next time


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