Friday, May 22, 2015

Fang Banger

Let me start out by saying I have no self control when it comes to a select few things… I won't bore you with a list but just know the top two are food and television

Food is delicious and I love to eat so theres that

But recently, I've gotten hooked on TrueBlood

Now, I know I am totally late to the band wagon and the show is like 7 years old but I got my sisters HBO Go password so I could watch Game of Thrones and then starting browsing through what else they had last week just to see.

True Blood stood out to me so I figured I would watch the first episode and see what it was all about

First of all its nothing like I expected, I was thinking more interview with a vampire less corny country vampires.  It was borderline ridiculous but I couldn't stop watching.

The show is honestly so cheesy but also interesting and well thought out… oh and theres tons of sex and hot vampires so that helps.  I've been watching this show non stop for a week and I'm already on season four which should sound less like an accomplishment and more like I have a problem.  The cliff hangers are insane and I just need to know what happens. 

I'm weak, I'll admit it.

There are seven seasons and i'm almost done with four so now its a race to just finish watching the whole show so I'll escape the grips of my television and couch.  

If life was like this show I would 100% be a vampire … and I think a pretty sexy bad ass one at that.

Alas this is the real world but a girl can dream.

Lolita top with Black Lace HERE  By: Pinup Couture
Black Bow Belt  HERE  By: Tatyana
High Waist Trouser HERE  By: Laura Byrnes


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