Sunday, May 24, 2015

Summer Time Fine

I love random days that turn into a fun adventure, just like spontaneous trips.  When there are no expectations of something its usually a lot more fun.  I know I'm not the only one who conjures up all these extreme fantasies and extremely detailed versions of how something is going to happen only for it not to go that way at all and then be a little disappointed… so spontaneous is a good way to go 

Comic Con is currently going on in Denver right now and I sat in traffic for an hour to get to an event that wound up being canceled.  

I was talking to someone on the way back home and he suggested we get lunch, I was pretty much ready just had to change clothes so why not.  It wound up being a really awesome day.

We walked around, found a really cool vintage boutique that I of course needed to buy something in.  I left with a vintage wind breaker in navy blue and red, a houndstooth cape, and a gold sequin dress with 1930's style tassel on the bottom.  The wind breaker came in handy later on when it got cold but I honestly don't know where I will wear that dress… I'm thinking I should just use it for a halloween costume.

We ate a delicious lunch and I had some sangria that was pretty good compared to the shitty ones I've had at the past couple restaurants ::cough cough:: Green Street at The Grove in Miami …. ew

There was a street fair going on and a little carnival section with rides so we walked around, got dipping dots, a characature drawing, and funnel cake!

Honestly I don't think I look anything like myself and was picturing him making me just super overexagerated but I don't think it looks like me at all, but I still love it

Ugh everything was so yummy and I really wanted a turkey leg too but I was so full … If I ate that he would have had to carry me back to the car

He bribed the carni guys for a prize so we didn't have to bother with tokens in the dart booth… out of all the stuffed animals I picked a stuffed donut

I love food

It was about to start raining and the fair was closing so we started to head back to the car and ran into a street performer, he was good but was basically just doing stripper tricks on a pole being held in place by four audience members.  Interesting but we left before he was done because I'm ethnic and not about getting my hair wet

We went back to his place and watched a movie by the fire

laughed a lot

it was a pretty great saturday

High Waisted Pink Lemonade Shorts HERE  By: Laura Byrnes
White Doris Top HERE  By: Pinup Couture


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