Friday, June 5, 2015

Lounging with Mr. Mew Two

It is finally sunny and warm here in Denver CO and I couldn't be happier

The winter was rough, especially moving here from Miami but the warm weather is something I've been looking forward too since I got here.  I must admit, although Florida is beautiful the humidity and amount of bugs is sometimes a little too much.

There are virtually no bugs here, at least not anything like back home which is amazing!
I stopped using my heat which has been on 80 since I moved here and now I have all the windows open, night and day along with my patio door.

This is the first time Mr. Mew Two has been able to play outside. 
Besides the times that I bring him places with me and he's outside for a couple minutes while we are walking to and from but now he gets to lounge in the sun and chase flys and it makes me so happy… 

I must admit, I was nervous at first but its too high for him to jump 

Being home with all the fresh air, clean smells, and warm air while online shopping is the absolute best!

oh and also my hair is amazing in this dry weather

Thank god its finally summer


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