Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sunny Soleil

So much has been going on… as per usual

My sister came to visit me in Denver and then we drove to New Mexico to visit my dad who just drove across the country from NYC and decided a tiny town called Truth and Consequences NM was a good place to live.

All that will be in my next post, we took so many photo's its taking a while to go through everything

Today though it was so pretty out here in Denver Colorado, a sunny 85 and god damn I couldn't be more happy… The cold is just not my deal

I finally got a new kitty and he is absolutely perfect.  I was basically staying home to make sure him and Mr. Mew Two got along but after a day they're best friends.

I had a ton of things to do that required being cute, and hell… whats the point of living if your not going to at least look good while you do it.

My computer started acting weird and the mouse wouldn't respond so I had to take it to best buy and also a light in my car came on which apparently means something is wrong with the tires

you learn something new everyday

So obviously I want to look extra good because I wasn't going to pay to have my computer fixed or get my hands dirty putting air in my tires… which I don't even know how to do anyway

Sooo the guy at best buy starred at my boobs and then practically just breathed on my computer and voila it was fixed!

Then the guys at VW looked at my tires and apparently there was a nail stuck in one, but they patched it, I smiled and cruised on my way.

Next stop…


My second home… even though I buy 98% of my clothes online

I had to exchange a pair of heels for a different size then decided to just roam around.  As I was passing  Anthropologie I remembered seeing a really pretty dress in the window a couple weeks.  So I decided to go in and try it on if they still had it.  I roamed around with no luck but a sales girl was able to find a 0 in the back.  I tried it on and it fit perfectly… I was sooo happy!

Until I looked at the tag


umm it wasn't all that nice anymore

I took a picture in it and bought two really pretty wine glasses instead.


I headed home and stopped to get some wine cause it was girls night later and came to my cute meowing kitty's

I will be doing a full post about my newest munchkin Professor Charles Xavier

Hot Pink Capri Pants By: Deadly Dames  HERE
White Peasent Top By: Pinup Couture  HERE
Lip Pencil By: M.A.C in Stripdown
Lipstick By: M.A.C in Sunny Soleil

….oh and side note: The dating scene in Denver is pathetic

Until Next Time


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