Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Apple Turnover my Heart

It's been a while…. I know

Between New Mexico, Denver, New York City, and Miami I've been busy traveling and haven't had as much time.

Although that is part of why I haven't been updating as consistently, the real reason is I felt like I had bloggers block.  I have a notebook full of ideas and visuals in my head but no way to execute them.  I started getting frustrated that I couldn't produce the kinds of images I wanted so I just took a break.

For those who do not know, I take all of my own pictures.  
The upside to that is being super comfortable and not having to rely on other people…. but the downside is that its pretty hard to get certain pictures in places other than your house.

Yes of course I could venture out but I'm probably not going to post up in a park all dressed up with my camera and tripod while people stare at me looking like a weirdo.

Fast forward through everything that's happened…

I met a boy

or Man …. watever you prefer

He's a lot younger than most of the people I've dated and usually guys in their 20's are really not my style but he's definitely lived a lot more than most older guys I've been with.

Im tired of the spoiled brat, white privilege, egotistical, inconsiderate, uninteresting assholes I've been seeing and someone with a background more similar to mine with an edge sharp enough to cut you has been really appealing.

A bad ass teddy bear

and he's all mine.

I won't be divulging too much information but I will list a couple of fun facts…

He has tattoos
He was not born in a hospital
He is 6'4
He's the nicest guy Ive ever met
He didn't have a birth certificate until he was 6
He loves my cats
He doesn't like chicken
He has all of his teeth

The reason I brought him up is because after mentioning my blog and how frustrated with it I was he immediately offered to take pictures of me

so sweet

I was excited I finally had someone to make my ideas a reality but was also nervous I might feel really uncomfortable and the pictures wouldn't come out good.  Im used to taking pictures alone so I don't have anything to worry about, and every photoshoot I've ever done I usually hate the pictures.  Other people never seem to capture me right.

But to my surprise I was extremely comfortable, it was fun for both of us, and the pictures came out amazing.

He enjoyed taking the pictures which was also a relief because I didn't want to be a burden and annoy him about always taking pictures of me.

After being such a good sport I figured I would cater to him… just a little bit
Men love to eat right…

Well I've cooked him plenty of meals but theres nothing like dessert


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