Thursday, August 13, 2015

Boyfriend Clothes

It's pouring rain outside and Kitty is on my lap freaking out over the thunder so what better time to do a weekly update.

This weekend was lots of fun

The boy and I went to dinner, made brunch, got drunk on mimosas with his brother and sister and then played an impromptu game of badmitten 

It has been so gorgeous here, I don't want summer to end.

Playing outside, barefoot, in the sun, with mimosa as a refreshment was perfect
As cars drove by I couldn't hep but just feel awesome
Knowing everyone probably slowed down to see what we were doing
we probably looked so happy jumping and running to get the ball

If I wasn't the one playing I would be jealous driving by so much fun

After badmitten we all jumped in the car and headed to Red Rocks for one of the best concert's I have ever been too

We scored 2 tickets off the side of the road and all four of us headed in to enjoy some beer and hotdogs

The vibe was amazing
the weather was perfect
the music was awesome

and the main band, Michael Fonti was perfection

He got off the stage almost immediately and did about 90% of the entire concert from the audience.

He picked an ol lady up out of her wheel chair and danced with her while singing

talk about a stand up guy

He walked all around red rocks and right through the crowd.

I have never seen anyone do that, and he sounded so good even though he was walking and dancing

Oh and don't even get me started on the beach balls

at least 100 beach balls were flying threw the air and I got to hit 2 of them!

The boys sister said thats good luck… I'll take it

The concert came to an end pretty late so we all just went home and passed out

The next night I had wine night with my friends which I half regretted the next day while I was nursing my hangover with ramen noodles.

The boy and I watched movies and ate Ice cream 

which was a good way to end my day full of struggle and agony

I ran some errands and got my car washed the next day, then grabbed some chic-fil-a and headed over to the tattoo shop to watch him get some ink

Although I was excited about the tattoo I was really really excited about my spicy chicken sandwich and waffle fries

Overall its been a very fun week

My mom will be in town next week and the week after that the boy and I are going to Santa Cruz with some of his brothers and sisters

Staying on the beach in California is a great end to the summer

at least in my book

Now if you don't mind… I'm going to get back to lounging in my boyfriends clothes

Until Next Time


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