Sunday, August 23, 2015

Busy little Bee

What a week

To start, I spent all day Tuesday cleaning and shopping because my mom was coming to town and I wanted to have everything ready.

I washed all the sheets, cleaned both bathrooms, the floors, the kitchen, and stocked the fridge to the brimm

After a quick lunch I started getting ready because me and the boy had a play to get too

His sister had to work and couldn't go but was nice enough so give us her tickets

The Book of Mormon

I had heard of it, all good things but didn't really know what it was about

I didn't really care honestly, I love any type of show and the opportunity to get dressed up for it makes it that much more exciting

A vintage dress pretty much always does the trick

A hair flower and some hot pink Kate Spade heels to match and I was ready to go

The play was AMAZING!

I completley recommend it and would watch it again in a heart beat

We headed to the airport to pick up my mom and then had a drink and talked for a while before going to bed

The next day my mom and I went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to see the Mystic Creatures and Poison exhibit.

The whole museum was really interesting and the Mystic Creatures was better than what I expected

We headed to The Lime for some appetizers and happy hour and then home so I could start dinner

We had dinner with the boy and some drinks and then bed.

The next day I packed a picnic full of sandwiches, chips, and fruit for our outdoor adventure.

I really wanted to take my mom to Estes Park but it was so far and we weren't going to have enough time so we went to Mt. Evans instead which is a little closer.

The drive up was beautiful and it was fun to show her the nature aspect of Colorado

Driving up to the top was steep and terrifying but we made it and got to see a bunch of mountain goats.

We drove back down and parked in front of a lake where we had lunch and then made our way back to Denver

The next day I took my mom to Jelly a.k.a the best breakfast spot in Denver

it was delicious as usual

We went to a dispensary so she could see what it was like and then home

My mom went to the Santa Fe art walk with her friend who just got to town and got to check out a bunch of art galleries

The next day she went up to Boulder with her same girlfriend and I went to the Movies and saw Straight out of Compton with the boy

Honestly I didn't really know much about it cause I hadn't even seen previews but it was really freakin good.  Way better than what I was expecting

We headed home to meet my mom for another home cooked meal and drinks before they both had to leave

I drove the boy to the airport early in the morning and off he went to Cali for work

My mom left a couple hours later

and then I was all alone

Well not really, I snuggled my cats, binge watched breaking bad and scarfed down an embarrassing amount of chips and guacamole

The highlight of my day was wasting my time going to see a condo that turned out to be nothing like what I expected or wanted.  So the search for a new home continues, but I'm sure I'll fine something

After such an eventful week I am exhausted… all I want to do is sleep

and sleep I shall

Until Next Time


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