Thursday, August 27, 2015

Down The Rabbit Hole

This week has been great, I started going to a new yoga studio which I really love so far so hopefully It'll be my new permanent spot

I went to Barnes & Noble after my first class to pick up a planner so I can be more organized, an adult coloring book because my friend swears it helps her relax, and last but not least I picked up a book I've been wanting since it came out

Down The Rabbit Hole
Curious Adventures and Cautionary
Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny

By: Holly Madison

First I would like to start by saying that I am not one to buy celebrity books or even some of my favorite you tubers that have come out with books.

Of course I'm curious to know life through their perspective but I honestly have never bothered to pick one up

This book though I just had to read.

I was obsessed with the Girls Next Door when the series premiered on E! in 2005

I watched every episode and every season at least twice

Like so many other girls, I envied the lives these beautiful women led and thought they had it all

Besides sleeping with a man old enough to be their grandfather everything else seemed just peachy.  They were always having fun, going to events, doing activities, throwing elaborate parties, meeting celebrities, and traveling all over the world.

I wanted to be them

I admired them 

There is something about beautiful women that is of course captivating, but when they are also funny, intelligent, witty, and good hearted people it makes them almost alien

It's no secret that attractive people are usually assumed to be less intelligent or even dumb

Beautiful women probably have it worse than attractive men

I loved the show so much because it showed how multidimensional these ladies were.  Of course the cameras didn't capture everything, but they gave them a voice.

No longer where they arm candy to one of the most famous bachelors in the world

They were people with thoughts and opinions and I just couldn't get enough

After the 3 split up and were no longer Hugh Hefner's girlfriends I followed Holly Madison as she made a name for herself in Las Vegas and never once spoke ill of Playboy or Hef

Finally she decided to write a book telling her story

which is only fair

A man with as much money and power as Hugh Hefner makes sure he is seen the way he wants people to think he truly is… but that doesn't mean its real

Bunny's at Play

I got home and immediately ripped the sleeve off my new hardcover and started reading

It was amazing

better than I expected

The writing was perfect and her ability to convey exactly how she was feeling along with all the physcological manipulation made it so real I didn't want to put it down

I read for 4 hours straight until I had to go to work

I didn't want to put it down but made it halfway through the 334 page book

I won't give anything away but I highly recommend picking up a copy if your interested or ever followed the notorious playboy and his harem of young blondes

I wish I could erase my memory so I could read it again

Now I need to pick up something else to read on my flight tomorrow.  Can't wait to get to Santa  Cruz and have an amazing mini vacation on the beach before winter

Until Next Time


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