Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Santa Cruz & Barbie Tennis

After an amazing weekend in Santa Cruz, California I am finally back home in Denver.

I had so much fun and got to do so many fun things but I must admit, there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

We stayed in a 4 bedroom house about 2 blocks from the beach. 
The house was great, it had a big kitchen with a nook that we played lots of scrabble in and then of course a great outdoor area.  The backyard had an awesome fire pit and jacuzzi. 

We spent a lot of time at the house hanging out, playing games, talking, drinking, and eating.  Being so close to the beach was great, I got to go on 2 bike rides along the coast with the boy.  Our last night we watched the surfers and the sunset and it was perfect.

Beach volleyball happened

it's safe to say all that practice at YMCA summer camp 18 years ago didn't help me much.

None the less it was so much fun, especially when you have enough people to have two solid teams.

Hanging out at the beach, riding a roller coaster with all ten of us, and walking the boardwalk comprised another fun day.

I might have to say this was my favorite day since I consumed a lot of delicious food and I'm a morbidly obese girl at heart.

Cotton Candy
Funnel Cake
Fried Strawberry Cheesecake
Giant Donut

Sadly I did not make it to the donut but I had one on Sunday morning for breakfast along with fried chicken so its ok

A romantic dinner date at the end of the wharf watching the ocean was also an amazing highlight

and not only because there was food involved.

There were sea lions!

We saw some jumping out of the water and swimming around from the window but when we left there was a bunch sitting on a dock about 5 feet away

I fell in love

They were kinda gross but also kinda cute at the same time.  I just wanted to stare at them all day.  The boy suggested leaving a couple times but I persisted on a little more time with my new friends… even though the sea lions probably didn't even know I existed

The last day we walked around the downtown area and checked out a bunch of cool stores.  Everyone got a little something.  I came across a couple stores with the cutest vintage dresses but our bags were already packed and I resisted so instead I got 10 new hair flowers.

We got In-n-Out at the same place we had our first meal after landing and of course it was delicious.  There was a little bit of time to kill before our flight so we stopped by a really pretty lake, fed the birds some bread, and then attempted some acro yoga.

The flight back was easy and pizza was the objective when we landed.

It felt really good to be home and I woke up early, did yoga, went grocery shopping, cooked lunch, and then forced the boy to play tennis with me.

He doesn't know it yet but we'll be playing tennis a lot until it gets too cold.

I absolutely love taking pictures but I don't like to take away from personal experiences by always trying to take cool pictures.  Since there was 10 people and we did a lot of group activities I didn't want to constantly hold things up by trying to take pictures of everything, hence the lack of pictures from this trip.  They're mostly group photos and I'm ok with that because its all in my memory, safe and sound.
I do love capturing moments but sometimes you have to remember to actually live in the moment not just get a cool picture of it

Be where your at

Outfit Details

Quay Matte Black Kitty Sunnies  HERE
Tortoise Shell Style  HERE
"B" Barbie Brooch in Sparkle Pink  HERE
YRU Lavish "FU CK" Velvet Loafer  HERE
Lip Color by M.A.C in shade "Sunny Soleil"
Black Polo & Skirt I've had for a while

Until Next Time


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