Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Better Version of Myself

It's 9 days until New Years Eve.

As the new year approaches it's normal to get all self reflective and even make goals for the next year.  I can get down with the self reflective but I am not going to kid myself by promising to go to the gym everyday or eat healthier… I'm a girl that likes to sit and eat ramen noodle so thats not happening.

My mom will be here in 2 days and I am very excited.  This will be our first white Christmas together in a couple years and my first Christmas here in Denver.  Obviously we always had Xmas in NYC where I grew up and then would fly back every year but eventualy started having Xmas in Miami. 

Since my sister moved out of the country me and mom are doing a low key Holiday with just the two of us.  I got tickets for A Christmas Story the Musical, the Crazy 8, and a burlesque show with a special performance by a Michael Jackson impersonator.  Getting dressed up, eating some good food, and spending time with mom sounds like an amazing Christmas to me.

Last year I had just moved to Denver and wound up getting food poisoning.  I spent the whole day and night throwing up and being mad at this jerk for not inviting me to do something.  I had no one to bring me medicine, soup, crackers, nothing.

It was fucking horrible.

I convinced myself I was purging all the negative and starting the year fresh… which made me feel a little better.

A year later and a year wiser I will be jet setting to the Middle East to visit my sister and spend 2 weeks exploring.

Can't wait to ring in 2016 in a snazzy rooftop bar all glommed out with my sister!

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