Friday, December 11, 2015


It's been a long time since I've updated this blog but I'm Back!

Of course a million things have happened but I'm inconsistent and in order to fill you guys in I would have to write a book, which I have actually thought about for a long time...

Who know's, maby It'll happen.

Although It's hard to say because I am terrible at sticking with things so we shall see

Speaking of sticking with things I decided to start a youtube channel yet again, and so far I've posted two videos, yet feel so completely over it.  I don't think I translate on film well, but who knows.  I already want to delete them and just forget about it.  Part of me wants to prove I can actually stick with something but the other part just doesn't give a f***, so there's that…

I am sooo not interested in being famous and making money off of it is dam near impossible but I really just did it to start another hobby and try and finish something for once.  My channel is called Caramel Unicorn (Of course) and you can check it out HERE

I saw a photo by a photographer named Tyler Shields and I totally fell in love.  It made me think and feel so many different ways that I just new I wanted to attempt something very similar.  Of course he was the inspiration for this photo set but I put my own spin on it.  

I don't think I need to explain anything because the beauty of it is interpretation

I haven't taken any pictures in a while and it felt really good to have a great inspiration to get me back into it.  I have a couple other ideas I'll be attempting later this week so stay tuned

I'm easing back into things and having a creative outlet feels pretty good

"In this time of mass consumption what do you consume the most?"

Tyler Shields


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