Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Smokin Hotties

I'm about to rant so be warned.

Now, for those who do not know, I take about 90% of all pictures that are on this blog.  There are a couple that I had the help of another person to capture but mostly they are all taken by me.  I know it seems weird but I use a timer or a remote and I love it.

The nice thing about taking pictures of yourself is you have full control and don't have to worry about another person which just makes it relaxing and fun.  When I have an idea for something I can try it out and look at the pictures as I go to see what I need to change or how to move so it looks the way I want. There are only a few ideas I've attempted that didn't come out the best and so I just didn't post them, but for the most part I'm always pretty happy with the pictures I take and can definitely see the progression from when I first started til now.

I do not have photoshop or anything fancy, I literally take the pictures, upload them to iPhoto, and change the colors a little to make them the way I want.  The downside to taking pictures myself is its hard to do a lot of things as I've stated before so sometimes the opportunity to take pictures with a photographer seems like a good idea.

I have taken pictures with enough photographers to know that I usually do not like the final product.  I either don't feel comfortable so my facial expressions aren't the way I like or I just do not like the quality of the pictures.

I have tons of pictures that I have taken with photographers but never post because in my opinion the pictures I take by myself at home with a 10 second timer look better than these "professionals"

My friend and I went to do a photoshoot with a photographer friend of hers and we shot for hours… like 6 hours which is a really long time.

At the end she had the idea to smoke a blunt and take a couple pictures together smoking.

I don't really smoke so I got pretty f****** high and honestly it was a ton of fun.  We were genuinely laughing and having a great time without feeling any pressure.

It took months to get the photos from this photographer and turned into an all around bad experience.  I'm not going to go into detail but it left a bad taste in my mouth and on top of that when I finally saw the pictures I hated all of them.

I looked terrible

They were hideous. 

I mean, I was genuinely shocked that a professional photographer could make me and my friend look so ugly.  Out of over 1,000 pictures the only ones I liked were these 3.  These photos were totally our idea and captured us perfectly.  

To only have 3 good pictures out of so many is ridiculous and the experience as a whole was very negative.  

However, I am happy that we got a few great ones and didn't come out of it totally empty handed.

It also happens to be that sexy blonde's birthday today which made me think it's time to finally post these, a whole year later.  She's been my closest friend since moving to Denver and I hope she has an amazing Birthday!


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