Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Desert Safari

My sleep schedule here is so messed up.  It is currently around 6am and I'm wide awake.
Yesterday my sister and I went on a desert safari and when we got home I couldn't keep my eyes open.  After a hot shower it was over, by 10pm I was out.

My sister went on a desert safari with a different company so this one was a little different but she said it was better but also basically the same concept, I'll break it all down bellow.

We got picked up by a bus and then stopped at another location to pick up about 15-20 more people.  It was about an hour ride outside the city to actually get to the desert.  Once we got there the bus pulled onto the side of the road where about 4 white SUV's were lined up.  

They put everyone in and we were off.  Now I'm sure that these were mechanically altered to be off road vehicles but honestly they were just regular SUV's with a roll cage on the inside.  We were in the backseat of the first car and took off down a road and into the desert.  After about 4 minutes he turned off the road and it was on like Donkey Kong.

This shit was no joke!

We were flying up these sand dunes and going straight down or sliding down at an angle so fast it was terrifying.  My sister had explained it but I didn't expect it to be that intense.  We were literally flying around and grabbing those oh shit handles like nobodies business.  

We drove up this super high dune and the driver pointed to the right and said "LOOK CAMELS!"

Everyone let there guard down to look as he proceeded to drive down the steepest 90 degree angle sand dune of all time!

…There were no camels…

We literally were screaming like we were on a roller coaster.  Now don't get me wrong, I love roller coasters but this was different.  I was having fun up until then and continued to have fun while also being super nauseous and internally forcing myself not to throw up.  

Imagine a roller coaster ride that last for 15 straight minute with no fresh air.


We made it to an area full of camels, and I was just so happy to get out of the car.  They were eating and a few had little babies so we weren't allowed to get super close.  Our driver explained that they were all female and there is only one male

With a very strong arab accent "He is very lucky man" he told us with a smile.

One camel strayed from the pack and walked over to everyone.  I pet her and noticed she had some major eye boogers but was still cute.

I was able to snag one good picture with her before we were herded back into the cars for more dune bashing. 

It was definitely a lot of fun but was also really scary and neauseating.  In my opinion its mostly being in a car (which already can be nauseating) with 6 other people and the windows rolled up.  

Either way it was definitely an experience, although I was very happy when we reached the campsite and I could stand on solid ground while simultaneously breathing fresh air.

Once we arrived at the campsite there was some camels we could ride, and by ride I mean sit on and walk in a circle on.

I felt kind of bad for them constantly having to get up and sit back down every couple minutes.  I feel like they mostly stand and they're so big and tall that must be hard on their joints.  

We rode them anyway though, my sister got on the front and when they stand up it's crazy!  They put they're back legs up first and it is bumpy and wobbly and high up.  We walked in a circle and I actually enjoyed the sway and rhythm of the camel for the whole 2 minutes I was riding her.

Getting down was a little scary but once she was seated we scooted off just fine.  My sister and I pet her neck a little and said thank you to the camel for letting us ride her.  As we walked away there were so many people waiting to go I couldn't help feel bad for the poor camel but oh well.

As the sun started to set we headed into the campsite which was a huge circle with a stage in the middle.  Around the stage were low tables with cushion seats.  Around the outside were different tent areas with seating, food, drinks, bathrooms, and lounging areas.  My sister and I saw a tent where they would dress you in traditional Abaya's and Sheila's.

I was actually really excited because I wanted to try one this trip although I wouldn't buy one or wear one around because it isn't really the best thing to do unless you are Muslim.  The opportunity to try one on and take some pictures was perfect.  It is two separate pieces, one that is basically a loose gown and the piece that goes on your head is the sheila.  It can be wrapped many different ways depending on whether the women have there face exposed, mostly covered with eyes showing, or completely covered.

The man wrapped me and my sister with our faces exposed first and then we asked to do the whole face covered with only eyes showing.  I'm not going to lie, I was feeling myself in it.

I have seen plenty of women wearing them but I haven't actually been close to their face or talked to them so I didn't realize that the fabric is actually pretty sheer.  You can pretty much see through it if your standing close enough to the person.

In my opinion we looked good and it just made me think.  There are all these girls getting naked on instagram for likes, every other picture is of there butt and boobs but honestly you can still look good without showing anything.

I know I have my share of scandalous pictures but those are few and far between.  I don't think there is anything wrong with showing off your body but being completely covered didn't make me feel any less confident or attractive is my point.

After we finished our photoshoot we got some hot tea.  I tried a traditional date and we sat down to watch the belly dancing show.  After the belly dancer was finished we went and got food which was actually pretty yummy and then headed over to the fire pit towards the back.  There was a circle of chairs around the fire with hookah and a man giving everyone fresh coals while swinging a bucket full to keep them hot.  

They turned the lights off so we could all relax and look up at the stairs.

It was pretty awesome.

Before we left we got some henna and debated taking a picture with this dessert eagle but decided against it.  They got everyone back into the cars and took us to the bigger bus on the side of the road.  We drove all the way back to the city and after all that I was pretty tired.  That was an amazing experience and definitely makes me want to travel more.  I've always wanted to travel but going places alone as a girl is not something I am interested in and people are flaky.  I just have to make it happen this year, and I will.

Leaving to spend a couple days in Dubai in a few hours so my next update should be pretty juicy

Until Next Time


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