Saturday, January 23, 2016

Home Sweet Home

I have been back in the states for precisely 10 days and my sleeping schedule is still all wonky, but obviously the trip was worth it.

Now why would anyone share bad pictures or complain when they are spending two weeks vacationing on the other side of the world but let me just keep it real here for a second.  Of course I knew the actual travel time was going to be bad but goddam…

Sitting on a plane, in the same seat for hours on end really is grueling.  I would fall asleep and wake up and still be in a nightmare because I'd have another 6 hours to go, not to mention more flights.  On the way home I flew 9 hours from Abu Dhabi to Paris, and then had a 3 hour layover.  Thank god because on the way there I had a 1 hour layover which is pretty much code for "grab all your shit, get through customs/security, pee, and run to your next" gate which is most likely boarding by the time you get there and then sit on a different plane next to a different person for another 9 hours.  The 3 hour layover gave me time to leisurely walk, buy 24 macaroons, eat a sandwich, drink a drink, pee twice, and confirm that I indeed had a window seat. 

 I only really waited for about 30 minutes and just watched a couple youtube videos while everyone else stood in the longest line I have ever seen.

Still to this day I don't understand why people do that.  No one is going to take your seat, and why stand in line to beat people to the exact same place?

The only logical reason is if you have a carry on suitcase that needs to go into the overhead and your scared by the time you get on there won't be any room left, which does happen so that is a valid reason.  If you just have a purse and a neck pillow your an idiot.  

I sit and wait until the line is completely gone and then stroll on and into my seat.  As far as I'm concerned, the less time I spend on the plane next to a stranger, breathing weird smelling filtered air, the better.

Once I got on my plane it was 9 hours from Paris to Minneapolis and let me tell you… being on American soil felt pretty dam good.

No longer did I have to keep my phone on airplane mode and prey for wifi, I was home.  Going through customs was pretty easy but I only had an hour to make my next flight so it was pretty tight.  Between getting off the plane, standing in lines, customs, getting my bags, re-checking my bags, security, and getting to my gate I made it just in time.

My last of 3 flights was 2 hours to Denver and it was a breeze… especially since at that point I had now been traveling for a total of 23 hours.

How did I get that number you may ask? well I feel like just adding up the actual length of your flights isn't correct.  In my opinion you are technically traveling from the time you are in the car on the way to the airport until the time you have reached your destination.  It is all travel time.  So from the time my sister drove me to the airport and the time I was picked up in Denver I traveled for 25 hours.  An entire day basically nonstop, with little to no sleep, cramped, sitting next to strangers (one very big weirdo) and man was I happy to be home.

Traveling is awesome but being home is the best feeling in the world.  I missed my cats so much and thought about them everyday so that was definitely the best part of getting home, the second would have to be my bed.

The next couple days I spent getting my life in order which was a must.  Grocery shopping, cleaning, and running errands are among my favorite things to do so I wasn't mad at it.

Anywhoo it was a great trip and a very eye opening experience.

Now to plan my next adventure….

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Until Next Time

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