Thursday, April 27, 2017


Well, I think It's day 10 and this is my 5th post.

Safe to say aliens or demons havent taken over my body because they would obviously be more responsible. 

I get a lot of messages and sometimes people bring it up what I write about in conversation
 and It is always interesting to me what people say

I had a request to be more detailed and that my readers want to know what happened on my date... 

inferred from the previous post.

I know I did not say it was a date or mention that my friend from out of town was a man but indeed he was of the male species and the date went usual.

He travels a lot for work and when we're in the same city we always have fun.

tall with blue eyes.

We talked about life after death, existentialism, media pressuring woman to look perfect, traveling, poop, old movies... and probably way more but to be honest the four drinks I had might be affecting my memory.

Of course if I went into more detail on things other than our conversation everyone would eat it up but my mom reads this and I haven't yet decided if I want to make this into a full on Carrie Bradshaw sex column.

On that note I wanted to talk about men...

As I've gotten older I've learned so much yet I know nothing, how does that even work?

Me and my sister where talking about someones mom, who, when asked "how did you know __husband of many years__ was the one?" she said

He had a good job and was nice to me.

So simple.

Obviously there was probably more too it but not half as much as what goes into consideration when I think about who I would marry.

In this day and age, with technology that will allow you to reach someone in a mili second and almost 8 billion people in the world ... it seems harder than ever to find someone and then to really be sure about your choice

and I mean really sure.

Me and my sister started talking about it and this perceived notion of "true love" or what being in love is suppose to be like... and your constantly looking for this thing, but does it exist?

or rather, does it exist in the way that we picture it in our mind?

might we be missing the one because we don't feel butterflies...

Because right now there is this tall guy covered in tattoos with kids and im pretty sure an illegal career that gives me butterflies... but like... he is a horrible choice...


I know that.

Then theres guys I really like, with good jobs, smart, funny, reliable... but no butterflies

What does that mean?

I delve so deep into these thoughts that by the end I just feel confused and I don't even know what I feel.  I wish there was some sort of weird mad scientist shit that would draw your blood and test it and then tell you what you really think and what you really feel and what you really want... am I the only person that can't tell?

I just want answers...

But the harder I try to get them the deeper I sink into this hole of unknown 

Is it really that simple
 just pick someone who has a good job and is nice to you?

Until Next Time


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