Monday, April 17, 2017


So yesterday was Easter and 2 days into my 7 day blogging goal I fucked messed it up.

I did attempt to make it happen but gave up halfway through, thank god cause I don't know what I would have posted.  

I was proactive and brought my camera so we could snap a few pictures of my outfit before brunch so I didn't totally drop the ball.  My friend actually impressed me with his photography
skills.  Unbeknownst to him he's going to be taking a lot more
pictures of me from now on.

So I woke up and started getting ready once the plan was in motion and did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.  I got ready in 1 hour...

I'm talking hair, makeup, outfit, and out the door. 
Pretty good.

So I headed to my friends house where we snapped a few pictures in front of the minuscule amount of foliage and high tailed it out of there to get some brunch.

Honestly brunch was great, the food was good.. nothing spectacular but better than what I expected from the place we went to.  Drinks were flowing, and I was having a grand old time 
stuntin' in my easter brunch outfit and listening
to these guys crazy storys.

Some of the shit these guys say is so horrible but its so funny and entertaining that I secretly enjoy every minute of it.
I do like to talk but I also like to listen... just depends on what is being said.

Listening to people tell entertaining storys or just be funny I'm down with but listening to people drone on about themselves, or politics, or pretty much any one thing for too long
and I completely zone out.

Anyway I was fully engaged and feeling pretty smooth after some sangria and suggested we go to TopGolf which was a great Idea.
I mean, I like to sit at the bar and talk and drink but that gets old
and I would much prefer to do an activity
and incorporate the drinking
into that.

So we headed over there to play some golf and man everything about the day was nice. 

Even the car ride.

I was genuinely having a great time cruising on a Sunday and blasting my jams.
So after the awesome car ride we got all set up and played some golf.

I. Do. Not. Golf.

So obviously I kinda sucked but I think I did pretty good for my first my whole life.
The novelty wore off after the first hour and halfway through my 
double Jameson and ginger 
all I wanted to do 
was nap.

We played 2 hours in total but by the end I was tired and doing horrible I just 
kinda gave up.

We left there and headed back to soho for some more drinks and played darts for a while.

This guy came up and was hitting on me so relentlessly I have to mention it.  I was with two guys and instead of either of them helping me as I screamed for help through my eyes they 
just laughed and enjoyed watching me feel uncomfortable.

true friendship.

It did make me wonder... girls (including myself) often complain about men not being agressive enough but the thing is it is always the guys that you absolutely do not want
to talk to that are the most agressive

Never the guy you want


This guy was just going so hard and I mean... in no universe did he have a chance but instead of taking the hint he just lingered until finally on his 5th pass around to talk to me 
my friend stepped in and just took him away 

It was kinda funny but at the same time I feel bad cause I don't want to hurt anyones feelings... 

Anyway after way too many drinks, golf, and darts we headed out

Chinese take out and Arizona ice tea

Honestly it was perfect.

Greasy food on a comfy couch while watching Catch Me If You Can was the perfect ending to the day

Leo is so good looking

Anyway I headed home and then sat on my bed in my underwear trying to upload and edit these pictures in a pathetic attempt to get a post up before it turned midnight.

I did manage to edit all the photos but then realized I was way to intoxicated to write anything 
and passed out only to wake up 5 hours later from a dream where I was
drinking ice tea. 

I was so thirsty I woke up out of my sleep and then laid there for about 20 minutes in denial before I got up to make something... I was procrastinating because I
drank the last of the ice tea before 
going to bed so I
knew I 
would have to make a whole new pitcher and that did not sound appealing at 5 in the morning.
I mustered up the strength and got my ice tea but then couldn't fall back asleep...

I see how that could seem ridiculous, after I re-read it I feel like I have to 
just say again... I hate water.  I do not drink water.  And anyone that wants tell tell me I'm
going to have health issues can fuck off.  I'm going to be fine and will probably live longer than all you water drinking acai bowl eating losers.

Story of my life.

Until Tomorrow 

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