Wednesday, April 19, 2017


So here we are on day six even though this is only post four.

Why am I so irresponsible!?


Monday was nothing to write home about, and honestly neither was Tuesday. 
I went to class on Monday and sat through some presentations and took a test then finally headed home only I had to stop for like 3 different things on the way... which is beyond annoying to me.

After the pet store, bank, and grocery store I finally made it home where I cooked myself the most humongous plate of food because I was starving and dont understand 
the concept of portion control.

I proceeded to eat the entire plate because I have no self control and then slid into my bedroom where I laid in bed playing on my phone for entirely too long.  

Finally I peeled myself up to finish home work and wash my hair.

Monday is hair washing day...
not my favorite.

I then cleaned my house and went to bed.
pretty boring.

Tuesday was almost the exact same thing except I wasn't feeling too hot so I laid in bed even longer until I finally just brought my computer into the room so I could accomplish something.  

I drank some theraflu and went to bed.

Riveting I know.

The only somewhat interesting thing that I did was spend some time crafting the most truthful yet cruel letter to my X.

All the things you think but never say.

Made me feel better.

I don't think I'll mail it even though part of me wants to.

We'll see.

It did make me feel better, so if there is someone you don't like or someone you wish you could tell off or whatever the case may be I highly suggest writing a letter to them.
Don't mail it or give it to them
just write it all out.

Or mail it, fuck them.

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