Monday, May 1, 2017

A Day At The Beach with a Bad Boy

My day started off a little hungover but after I accepted feeling like shit I peeled myself out of bed and started to get ready... 

I had school stuff I needed to do which wound up making me late and frustrated.
I feel like I don't get to enjoy myself enough because I'm so busy with other 
things it can be really frustrating.  Than if I do take time
to have fun I feel guilty about it
because im thinking:

"I could be doing this or that or accomplishing something and I'm making a bad decision by deciding to have fun instead"

Sometimes I think I'm too hard on myself, and maby I am

Either way this was one of those moments when I just wanted to say fuck school, I just don't care I want to have fun... It't Saturday and its nice out and I made plans with this guy
I want to go enjoy myself, not sit in 
my house doing school stuff.

I did finish everything before leaving the house so I was late then I stopped at Mc Donalds for a coke and 2 has browns, I was craving it so bad because of the that didn't
exactly help me show up on time either.

But the lady at the drive through complimented me and was so sweet than another guy came up and told me I was beautiful and that he was gunna make me fresh has browns and bring them out to me.  So I parked and waited a few minutes, which was worth it (also made me more late) cause they were delicious and he was just so nice and not creepy it made me instantly happier so thank you kind sir whoever you are for putting me in a better mood.

I eventually did make it and we grabbed a drink at a beach bar but decided to try another place because that place was lame which is weird because it used to be cool, the
location is great but its just sooo not cool now
plus it smelled like hot garbage
which was not the vibe
I was going

We cruised around blasting music in an old vintage t-top semi recklessly which was scary but also so much fun.

I mean on one hand maby it was kind of ridiculous but it was cool for me.

The car was sooooo loud and everyone was staring which I was honestly living for... 

We went to another bar that was also lame but in a different way, then another one then to the beach where we were too late to rent chairs or jetskiis and finally did get seats somewhere else and that was fun but honestly it was a hot mess up until then... nothing was going right.

When I changed into my bikini he got all the way in the sand to take some pictures
 of me which was fun and cute
even though I felt like I looked like a potato in most of them some actually
did come out good.

 Once we were sitting around the fire pit I was happy.

After that we cruised around in the car, got some delicious food and just relaxed.

When he took me back to my car we decided to go for a walk on the beach because the weather was sooo nice and this beach has the softest sand I have ever felt.

We talked about aliens and life

and it was nice.

I got in my car and drove home in silence because I was just so exhausted and worn out from the day, plus I felt like my ears needed a break from noise since that music was 
definitely not playing at a safe level.

My poor little ear drums.

It was worth it.

Even though everything kinda went wrong and the day did not go how I pictured in my mind I still had a decent amount of fun.

Riding around in the car and sitting around the fire pit where my favorite parts.

Maby we'll hang out again, maby we won't.

I'm not sure but I am pretty stressed with finals this week and cannot wait to be done.
I feel completely drained.

I have nothing left to give.

I did take a few minute from studying to have a conversation with a friend about what exactly it is that makes "bad boys" so appealing...

The conclusion was confidence, masculinity, life experience, and overall badassness

Drawn like a both to a flame.

To be honest though I think the most attractive quality about them is that they usually have a troubled past, been judged, had some bad things happen to them which makes them
relatable, non-judgmental, and open minded
All appealing qualities 

But who knows.

It was just a fun day date, a little different than my usual straight edge type but different isn't 

Until Next Time

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