About Me

All About Me!

Hello my name is Nirvana. 

 Yes that is my real name.  Lets see… where to start.  I love men, but I love myself more. I'm fun, serious, loving, standoffish, weird, outgoing, creative, intelligent, beautiful, crazy, and one of a kind. I grew up in New York City, Flushing Queens to be exact.  My parents, Attila and Julia are both pretty awesome.  I have an older sister named Shane and a younger half sister named Nicole.  My parents got divorced and blah blah blah my mom married a rich old jewish guy and we moved to Miami.  I won't get into who my dad remarried but lets just say she reminds me of the the type of ladies Juicy J sings about.  Anyway, I went to high school in Miami, during which I also went on foreign exchange to France.  That was huge and I was lucky enough to have the coolest family ever, learn a ton, a mature into a lady faster than I expected. The whole experience really changed the way I viewed the world and what I wanted my place in it to be.  I moved to Gainesville when I was 18 to be with my sister and start college.  Lets just say I was a pretty social butterfly and it was a fun 3 years.  Countless friends, drunk nights, raves, partys, concerts, and of course the boys.  I moved to Tampa and continued bartending, going to school, and interned at an interior design firm.  A short trip to Denver made it clear I was living in the wrong place.  So I called a moving company, quite my job, drove across the country, and I couldn't be happier.  My life has been a roller coaster and this short bio is only a small fraction of it.  Big things are happening soon, I can feel it, so hang on to your seats ladies and gentleman… this is going to be one hell of a ride.

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